Aries Horoscope July

Aries Monthly Horoscope for July 2020: Share the ideas that obsess your mind

This month you'll do your best to enjoy the star-induced atmosphere more than usual

Love: Forget about your usual resistance

Aries, it seems like it was yesterday when the year started, and we're already entering the second half of it. You've promised yourself you won't lose time anymore,  and that's why this month you'll do your best to enjoy the star-induced atmosphere more than usual.

You'll know how to share with your partner some of your obsessions, those projects that constantly roam around your mind and don't ever finalise into something, the wishes you've made to yourself thinking of the common good. You'll also deal with more complicated issues like the idea of living together or having kids.

Forget about your usual resistance if you're single and let the world know you a little better. Just because your heart was a toy in someone else's hands doesn't mean you should live sheltered away in a bubble.

Money: You'll pay close attention to your business

You'll have to keep a close eye on your business.  Whatever mishaps come around in your business affairs will be more than costly. Don't take too long in hiding your mistakes away; instead, get a solution for them. Someone will closely follow your trail and will try to make you look bad in front of everyone, so be smarter to avoid giving them such a chance.

You'd like to keep things the way they are, but it won't be a simple affair. There won't be any other solution but trying to constantly reach excellence without losing any of your drive or endurance.

If you're going through a sticky situation, you'll get some valuable information on scholarships, grants, special payments or pensions; some of them will be directly interesting to you, and others to friends or family in your closest circle.

Health: Find time to do some self-care

The Horoscope is back into influencing the way you handle time to focus on your health. Every day, you waste too many hours into unimportant issues such as social networks, video games and other similar areas.

You shouldn't let that kind of activities take the lead over other more urgent or pressing matters, such as exercising to stay in shape.

How many times have you said that, if you don't go to the gym, it's because there's not enough time in your day to do so?