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Aries Monthly Horoscope for January 2021: Make sure you'll take a safe leap of faith

Assess how appreciative you are of your own freedom

Love: Keep your best interest in mind

Aries, your year will start with peace and calm on your mind. In some homes, Christmas will have brought out not just the best, but also the worst in their residents. Now's the time to apologise and correct what you've done wrong.

There won't be any stiffness or unfortunate response without solution. Sometimes words can cause a mortal wound that's unable to heal.

Some couples will find that there were third wheels playing with fire and trying to tear down what you'd built hand in hand. Don't make it easy for them and always keep your best interest in mind, without being too snotty about it.

Are you still single and ready to melt hearts? Then, the stars will lead you down a cautious road. You're aware that, in order to start on a new romance, your heart needs to be fully healed. Make sure you'll take a safe leap of faith.

To meet new people around you, you should take small yet firm steps, so that you know for sure that there's a safety net below before taking a big plunge. You should also consider that, if there's someone new coming into your life, they might want to tie you down in place, so you'll have to assess how appreciative you are of your own freedom.

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Money: There's no such thing as surrender

The brand new month will bring about a feeling of boredom to business and money. It's a harsh situation both for you and other people, so there's no such thing as surrender for you!

Bring out that fearless pirate sleeping in your chest and go find yourself some treasure; fight routine and don't lose your power through too much talk.

As far as finances go, you'll be a little weaker, because it's easy for you to take a bite on the bait of shopping and buy unnecessary items. It seems that dividing a large purchase into smaller payments is the solution to your issues.

Health: Work on your spiritual side

You'll have a pretty average tone,  and you'll know how to dodge some of the agents trying to harm your health in order to stay in shape.

Around halfway through the month, your body will send you a sign if there's anything going wrong. Watch your hair and nails closely, because there might be an important message behind them if they're frail.

Match sports with other relaxing activities. Bring back some of the hobbies you left behind, and try to work on your spiritual side.

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