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Aries Monthly Horoscope for December 2020: Your love life will be almost a joke

You'll have a chance at finding an agreeable solution to disagreements

Love: Avoid heating up arguments

Aries, you shouldn't fire up whatever sparks come up in arguments with your partner this month. You're going through several weeks of high sensitivity, and even though you're smiling on the outside and everything seems fine, there's doubt and fear in your heart.

Thus, a completely absurd and meaningless issue could become a real Greek tragedy where tears will flow faster than raging waters.

But not all is lost; there's still hope for bliss. If you follow honesty as your guide, you'll have a chance at finding an agreeable solution to disagreements. Emotional dictatorships should be taken down, and love needs to be a democracy-based affair.

Your love life will take a chaotic and almost joking turn if you're single. Love at first sight could become a real cause for calamity, although you'll take it with a generous pinch of salt, and if things go wrong, all you'll do is laugh it off.

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Money: You'll be a pouncing tiger with deals

The last month of the year won't feel longer than the rest; you know that, as 2021 looms in closer, your issues won't be going anywhere no matter how hard the year we're finishing has been.

Your mental agility will help  in saving up some money this month, which is strongly connected to consumerism and large amounts of shopping. You'll be a tiger ready to pounce at good deals in items that will do wonders, and which you desperately need for your everyday life.

You're thinking about all the items you can get for free everyday or at a reduced price, and you focus intensely on them.

There's no need to buy books if you can borrow them at public libraries, for instance, and you could reduce your phone bill by getting in touch with people through phone apps.

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Health: Don't fall prey to holiday excess

If there's anything clear from 2020, it's that sickness doesn't see social status or money in the bank. Keep taking care of yourself  like you've done thus far, and while you're at it, break apart some of the prejudice that society has set.

Don't get overwhelmed if you feel your body mucus getting dry at any point, because this is perfectly normal whenever there's changes in temperature or surrounding humidity.

Try to bid farewell to the year by keeping yourself in shape and not falling prey to so many sweet temptations, just like you did last Christmas.