Aries Horoscope Monday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Monday, November 9, 2020: Start your week with plenty of optimism

You'll find a real sense of connection with your partner


Aries, you're entitled to a calm romantic life. You'll find a real sense of connection with your partner, and together you'll see new points of view to share. It's never too bad an idea to rejoice in the small things, not every relationship sees life the same way!

If there's ever been grey shades of crisis points, they will fade away, and the joy of life will come back home again.

If you're single, there's excitement coming for your love life. And maybe the person that's on the background will surprise you and make you fall completely head over heels, becoming the answer to your prayers in human form.


You'll ask yourself plenty of questions about your job, especially if it's time to pull off the mask from people who have been taking advantage of your work and good intentions. Or will it all be revealed to the public eye?

You're growing tired of having people steal your ideas and sell them as their own, with fake smiles and an utopian companionship that isn't real.

Before making a final move, take a closer look at your competitors' profiles. If you've got more contacts and better persuasion skills, people might not believe your accusations in the first place. Study your surroundings to know where you should strike the first blow.

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You'll find new ways to avoid stress, that invisible evil which we can understand so little. Family and work responsibilities keep you on the verge of breaking, and you should delegate some of them.

The Eastern technique of yoga will help you relax and channel those negative energies that sometimes dye your world in black and grey.

Whenever you're home, open every window and burn some incense or rosemary; you'll draw foul vibes away from you, and you'll start your week with a great dose of optimism.

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