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Aries Horoscope - Tuesday, March 9, 2021: You'll be great at working in teams

The key is to avoid feeling overwhelmed


Aries, your self-love is running low.  At some points you might feel kind of ugly, and you won't know what to do with your face and body to convey elegance and distinction everywhere you go.

But rest assured, the key is to avoid feeling overwhelmed. You don't look worse than you did yesterday, it's just that your self-perception has become distorted.

As the day goes by you'll understand that you're just as beautiful as ever. And if you're single, you could use nightfall as an excuse to go out on a date, or somewhere to meet people in general.

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At work, everything will go smooth sailing today, and almost exceptionally. You'll rest assured and enjoy a start of the week completely free from tiredness or boredom.

You'll see that your latest efforts are giving results, and there's more of a natural unfolding of events. You'll be great at working in teams, and you'll be the main mediator if tension gets high at any point.

As far as money goes, moderation is a must, because March hasn't gone past its halfway point yet, and you can't stop thinking of ideas to spend your money. There's far too many days ahead to see the end of the month and your paycheck come!


Your skies are looking quite good,  and those are good omens for your health. Not only your endurance will be solid, but you'll also take up on a much better hygiene routine without too many efforts.

Relationships with loved ones won't be authentic or spontaneous at all. It'll be hard for you to clarify some misunderstandings between you and your family; don't force events or bring issues to bed. Let things settle and simmer on their own.

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