Aries Horoscope - Saturday, January 9, 2021: You're in for a much pleasant surprise

You'll get news from an old friend with whom you lost touch


Aries, you'll bring a shower of love to your family, friends, and partner too, of course; but don't waste time spewing strength out your mouth, and prove your feelings explicitly, because words can fly away too easily.

Many of you will have a much pleasant surprise this Saturday; you'll get news from an old friend with whom you lost touch, or you'll see a dearly beloved relative who has been out of town. Your heart will beat strong again with the hopes of sharing some quality time with that person.

If you're single, you'll make the absolute most of the day, and you'll understand that it is worth fighting for the person that's keeping you hopeful at the moment.

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Don't feel iffy about getting into trial;  you need to make legal claims for the things that are yours. Don't let your rights as an employee vanish into dust! There's been a recent injustice around your position, and you don't have to stay quiet. Don't they say justice is for one and all?

If you're kind of lost professionally speaking, let yourself get some help from experts in human resources or work counseling. There's plenty to get if you listen to their advice.

In any other news, you're in for a calm and predictable day, and you could even find a greatly valuable item you thought you'd lost for good.


Some of the distress that haunted your well-being will be swept away out of the blue. The stars are coming together to give you a calm weekend. There's quite an improvement coming if you've got joint ailments.

Try to do things with your family that allow you all to move around your body or mind; a board game session can be as entertaining as a soccer match. And to make your meals more fun, try to garnish them with hot spices.

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