Aries Friday on a sky background with shooting stars

Aries Horoscope - Friday, April 9, 2021: You'll embrace surprises and good news

You're finding your own place in your relationship


Aries, you're finding your own place  in your relationship. You pursue sensibility and realistic thinking over anything else, and still being sort of flexible in your ways. And what's more, you'll actually embrace surprises, good news and situations shrouded in a magic flair.

Your sixth sense is sharp and ready, you know how things will unfold before they happen, and you'll find solutions to every issue you get, even the most complex ones.

If you're single, you continue to feel that special vibe with someone near, although you're still doubtful of their intentions. You should think that you'll have to lower down your guard sooner than later, because you can't live behind a brick wall forever.


You'll have to bring back your desire to fight at work. You're letting days just slide by in your projects, or seeing others fulfill the goals that had originally been planned for you to make happen.

Make good note of whatever idea comes to mind; you'll get brilliant ones, and it would be a shame for them to fall into oblivion after being buried under the bustle of your current lifestyle.

In order to shine bright in the business world, you need to let go of excess weight, and to stay away from those pessimistic companies that see nothing but risks popping up all the time in the projects you've got in your hands.


In order to send anxiety away, it's time to train your mind.  Stop obsessing over having absolute control over all family, work and other issues in your life. Don't get obsessed with planning.

What's more, this Thursday you could change plans along the way and break the mold. Turn off your phone if your body wants it, and you'll see that the world keeps spinning round despite that.

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