Aries Horoscope Sunday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Sunday, November 8, 2020: Love at first sight is coming

Venus will help you overcome some intense moments with your partner


Aries, there's a grand, beautiful marital atmosphere.  Venus will help you overcome some intense moments with your partner, and any and all misunderstandings will be cleared away. You're choosing to finish off this week in absolute peace.

The stars will help you to express your feelings better, even those that you're ashamed to openly declare; if you're single, you could surprise your date with an intense open statement of love, expressing what you both already knew.

For some of you, there's love at first sight in the air; you'll meet a glance that will confirm you finally found what you've been looking for.


You're extremely aware of certain leaks in your finances; debts are starting to pile up here and there, as well as all sorts of minor issues.

To protect yourself from the embarrassment of having your debts claimed publicly, try to get all your banking in order this Sunday. Forget about excuses and set yourself the goal of giving back what you've been loaned.

On the other hand, you should watch the minor expenses you usually make on a daily basis when it comes to work issues. A lot of small things amount to one big mountain.

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This Sunday, the stars are sending you the challenge of not drinking a single extra exciting drink. Forget about coffee, and decline the invitations for drink rounds from friends or family. Your kidneys deserve some rest, as well as your liver.

You want to have a future that's slightly high-quality, and in order to do that, you should give up some of your little daily pleasures.

Those of you who are going exercising should give stretches and warm-ups their due importance; you're born under a sign that's prone to injuries.

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