The Aries sign

Aries Horoscope - Monday, March 8, 2021: Give your feelings some room to breathe

Your love life seems steady, solid and pretty much harmonious


Aries, your love life seems steady,  solid and pretty much harmonious all over, and you should keep it that way by keeping your feet on the ground.

If there's a specific issue going on that affects your feelings in any way, try to solve it instead of putting your hands over your head moping about your problem. What happens isn't different from what could happen to anyone else.

And if you're married, you could find there's a bit of routine in your environment, but try to keep fresh air to breathe coming in, and find some of it to give to your feelings. It won't be easy to break apart impulses and the need to get steady.

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Many of you will manage to find the true calling you'd been hearing,  so you're starting the week off by being truly aware of what field of expertise could be the one where you're the greatest.

Don't forget it's never too late to go back to school! Perhaps what you've studied thus far was more befitting for the expectations others imposed on you.

There's good arrangements around your skies to make interesting deals, especially for second-hand item buying and selling. You'll be able to get rid of items that have done nothing but pile up on dust, and while you're at it, fill up your wallet.


Some harsh news will make your personal life tumble.  You'll find out that one of your acquaintances (who doesn't necessarily belong to your closest circle) is going through a rough patch and suffering for it.

Today, you'll think about how life just flies by, how important it is to live for the moment and enjoy the small things with no fear of what people may say. You're often your personal saboteur by telling yourself you don't deserve happiness or good things happening to you.

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