Aries Horoscope - Friday, January 8, 2021: Trust experience rather than intuition

You know how to separate your personal and professional lives


Aries, you're thinking about how to make other people's lives better.  You understand that your individual happiness also includes your loved ones being well-set, happy and calm. You'll think about them more than about yourself at some point.

Romantic love will feel hardly interesting, and you'd rather talk to your partner or date about your job or hobbies, instead of finding out what's going on in their heart. Try to make the right moves so that they don't feel like you've given up on them.

If you're single, your love life is pretty much stuck in place. You've come to think you're the sun around which every planet revolves, but there's no one orbiting around you at the moment. Perhaps you've become too demanding, or you're too shy and it's impossible to get into your heart.

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Work will create an overall feeling of satisfaction. There's a pretty good forecast if you work in a literary profession; thus, journalists, writers and bookstore owners will reap some rewards after facing quite some turmoil.

You know how to separate your personal and professional lives from one another, and you won't be bringing any work issues home. You'll learn to turn off your phone every once in a while, and you'll see it's okay if e-mails aren't answered until a few hours later.

Some of you will feel there's something limiting your financial expansion, and you'll have to stop the train of your life and take a few steps back. If you've got to make important financial decisions, trust experience rather than intuition.


Harmful habits should be nipped in the bud,  and if you're thinking about bidding cigarettes farewell, do it once and for all. If you want, ask your doctor for help so that they're a helpful guide on your path.

You'll have to listen to your own body; don't use up all of your energy every single day. Otherwise, there'll come a day when getting out of bed will be a nearly-impossible feat.

In order to draw foul vibrations away from you, carry along that item that you consider a lucky charm, a pendant or ring to cling on so that its power makes you stronger.

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