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Aries Horoscope - Tuesday, December 8, 2020: Minor changes are coming to work

It's okay if you don't do exactly what people expect you to


Aries, your mood's going up and down today, but you're being swept away by an overall flair of intolerance and apathy. There won't be many suggestions from your partner or family that you find good enough. You're the complete opposite of what's known as the holidays' spirit.

Up to a certain extent, it's okay if you don't do exactly what people expect you to, but you shouldn't make their existence a miserable affair either.

The way you express yourself could be so much classier (and not to mention affectionate). Besides, do you think you're the only one having a bad day?

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There's subtle changes coming to work,  minor touches of things that from now on (and until further notice) will be done differently.

You'll feel a strong hit on your finances, and even if you try to dodge it, no one and nothing will be able to protect you from every single corner. You've been warned that your savings could vanish into thin air, so try to lead your lifestyle towards a more frugal side.

In that sense, you shouldn't mistake buying items on sale for saving up money; if you don't need that item or service, you can't rejoice on finding it at a discount, not even if it's half-off.


Your health is pretty safe and sound. Some of the efforts you've been making to stay in shape will be noticeable, and you'll get some compliments that will boost your desire to keep moving on.

Your intuition (or sixth sense, whatever you feel like calling it) will be very powerful and guide you towards enlightened individuals who will brighten up your spirituality and teach you to be stronger mentally speaking for when life's issues start roughing down on you.

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