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Aries Horoscope - Sunday, March 7, 2021: You're far more special than you think

The time in our hearts isn't set by clocks


Aries, you'll feel attracted to people with a considerable age difference to yours; and you don't know why, but that's going to be the case. You won't mind it one bit, because experience has proven that the time in our hearts isn't set by clocks.

You feel like jumping into new adventures, whether you're married or just thinking about the name and face of someone who has made you smile a lot and brought butterflies to your stomach.

All in all, you're in for the right climate to get intimate, and you'll find you've got a lot of love to give, and that you're far more special than others might make you think.

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Don't be fooled by a misinterpretation of facts at work. There might be things not quite fitting, but you just need to look for the root of the issue, and see why the situation has gone wrong.

A bit of a revision through your latest statements will be the most useful. It'll bring light into the matter, and allow you to correct whatever mistakes you find before they cause harm (or before others see them).

You'll be quite rigorous about the budget you've set for the weekend; just because you're on your off days doesn't mean you can burn through your credit card.


Whatever physical activities you want to carry out today should come in accordance with your age and health. Don't think you'll get to the finish line as quickly as you used to do, when you were younger (or a little lighter).

Watch your feet closely to avoid blisters or uncomfortable dead or peeling skin that hurts when you walk. You need to keep this part of your body in close check, especially if you suffer from diabetes.

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