Aries Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Tuesday, July 7, 2020: Your senses could be tricking you around

You'll let yourself go with physical attraction instead of inner beauty


Aries, you'll have some mixed feelings today,  especially because you'll let yourself go with physical attraction instead of inner beauty.

You'll have an extremely shallow romantic flair, and thus you'll let valuable individuals go. With a bit of bad luck hovering over you, you'll look at the least appropriate match.

Others, however, will start perceiving a friend under a different light. You think they're sending signs your way to move on to the next stage, but your senses could be tricking you around, and that flirt could be nothing but your imagination acting up.


You're more than willing to save money,  make some serious earnings and get rich at all costs. You'll enjoy thinking about new ways to cut expenses, and you'll have a blast when you squeeze your savings down another notch.

You'll have to keep that ambition in check. Otherwise, your job will completely suck you up and you won't have enough time. Neither to let yourself grow as an individual nor to pay attention to your partner, kids or friends.

If you're bold enough you'll pull up the shutters on a brand-new business endeavour; it'll feel a little dizzying, but you know that, in order to win, you need to place a strong bet in the first place.


You'll manage to stay on the right track and keep on that diet to lose (or gain, depending on the case) weight, perseverance will be a common factor to your everyday life, and you don't want to throw all your previous progress off the rails.

You'll enjoy reading a lot as well. Tackle genres that you normally wouldn't pick, such as philosophy, self-care or spiritual growth. You could see the world under a different light.

The weakest part in your body will be your respiratory system,  so double your cautionary measures if you're usually ambushed by allergies.