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Aries Horoscope - Thursday, January 7, 2021: Be well-mannered, but avoid flattery

You'll be relatively sensible about your personal finances


Aries, you'll stand out because of your innocence.  This Thursday, you'll trust people around you and will blindly accept their proposals. You think it's crucial to be more trusting of people's kindess, and that the universe has grown far too skeptical.

This attitude could be beneficial as long as you keep a trick up your sleeve, so that it isn't easy to trick you or abuse you.

You're in love with life, and if you have a partner, you'll double your efforts to make them happy. If you're single, you'll have a charming innocence, but don't give your hopes away too quick. You'll feel particularly attracted to people who have a huge age gap with you.

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You need to be more well-mannered than usual,  especially when business is on the discussion table. Any communicative slip you have today could set the course for your most immediate path stage. You never know the true power of the person standing before you.

Here's some advice: don't become excessively flattering and avoid handing compliments all over the place. Your colleagues don't like it when people try to woo them over.

You'll be relatively sensible about your personal finances. You'll dodge issues (although some of them will still be around a bit, of course), and you'll feel tempted to buy something that goes over budget. Be very careful when it comes to the infamous sales period!


You've got quite a powerful energy base,  and you'll be able to carry out activities that require a high endurance level. If you train on a daily basis, today you'll top your best mark.

Double your attention if you're usually behind the wheel for hours on end. Your reflexes won't be too sharp! If you're taking a new prescribed medication, make sure to read the instructions, because some meds discourage you to take your car while the treatment's going on.

Spend more time eating at the table as well as preparing your menu in the kitchen; you're too dependent on ready-made meals and fast food, and that will have a long-term impact on your health in the end.

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