Aries Horoscope Friday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Friday, November 6, 2020: You'll use your caution to the max

There'll be great news in the family about the health of a loved one


Aries, you'll use your caution  to the max; you won't allow many people to come into what you consider your private life. You want to be invisible, do things without people looking at you, but you could fall into excess and end up befriending loneliness.

Try to be more sociable and bright. Enjoy your loved ones' company, and if you've got a partner, count on their opinion to plan things. Otherwise, you're running the risk of them feeling unappreciated, and going out to find another home where their heart beats stronger.

There'll be great news in the family about the health of a close one, perhaps a very old elderly person.


You're looking for plans that break your ties with routine and help you unplug, perhaps some well-deserved holidays (with your mind starting to feel more set onto 2021 than on the remainder of this year).

Think about that reward you want for yourself, but be sensible about it. Find tips to travel for less. You can do a lot using very little and stretching out every resource. And when finding a hotel to book, other users' opinions will help you make safe steps.

At work, play your cards slow and right, because you don't have as many assets as you think. Be patient.

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This Friday, the planets are watching your wellness, and if you avoid making crazy mistakes, you'll enjoy great energy and power. Use that boost to get rid of pending to-do items from your list. It's time to fight laziness, you can win today!

And be careful if you're on a move or moving around heavy items; your back area is extremely sensitive.

Try not to be the king of excuses when going to the gym, and forget about sugary drinks.