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Aries Horoscope - Saturday, March 6, 2021: You'll have to reveal your strategy

You'll feel like the star of the show


Aries, you've got a unique sense of humour,  and if you use it well, it can become your best seduction technique. However, this weekend some of your jokes could be too annoying, and your beloved won't find them funny at all.

Try to stay humble. You've got to understand that not everyone should laugh at your shticks, and if you approach delicate topics with mockery, it's obvious that people will get mad.

If you're single, you'll feel like the star of the show. It'll be hard for you to get the person you like to go out on a date with you, and you'll have to pull out all the stops and reveal your strategy earlier than expected.

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At work, you'll see that some ideas of yours that arose interest in your managers will end up in the bin. If they choose to take on a new path, you'll have to face the situation politely, and out of caution, put away your foul mood into a dark corner.

As far as finances go, you're prone to wasting money away. Fashion will call your attention a lot, and you're running the risk of being a fashion victim and burn away your credit card on clothes you might never use.

Before giving your wardrobe a twist, take a good look at it. Look at all those pieces you bought long ago, which still have a tag on. Aren't you being too much of a shopaholic?


Stay away from sweets and candy,  at least this weekend, and make your diet a model for people who truly need to take good care of themselves. It's time to reflect on child obesity, a health issue that's become increasingly common over the years.

You'll have average endurance, so you shouldn't join in extreme activities. Thus, it's likely that you give up halfway through a hike up the mountains, or that you ask for a time out at a basketball game when feeling you can't do any more.

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