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Aries Horoscope - Wednesday, January 6, 2021: You'll find new pleasure heights

Reach the goals you set for yourself relationship-wise


Aries, this Wednesday your most sensual and warlike side is out. You're ready to rumble for the day and you want to die in service. Just like a true warrior, there's no way you're letting yourself be defeated by anyone or anything.

Thus, you'll pull out as many stops as you can to reach the goals you set for yourself relationship-wise. You'll open up your feelings to the person you like if you're single, and you'll make crystal clear what your expectations are for a relationship and which situations you'll avoid like fire.

And if you're taken, your partner could be overwhelmed with your spicy ideas, but in the end they'll give in to your wish and together you'll find new pleasure heights.

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You feel like your business position is taking some improvement. You see that your efforts are finally being rewarded, and that feels quite satisfying at several levels. Perhaps acknowledgements are coming in later than expected, but just enjoy the ride and don't think too much on it.

Here's some financial advice for you: try to carry some cash on you, because there could be a problem in paying up with your phone, credit cards could go missing, or perhaps your latest income cheque will prove to be troublesome.

On the other hand, the stars point out that you've got a natural talent at haggling when going shopping. You'll try to make every purchase just a little cheaper on your end.


Some of you will notice that your memory's flunking a little bit. Perhaps you'll forget your keys home, or you'll have to dump out items from your fridge because you weren't even aware of your stock.

To train your memory, try playing games to find the difference between apparently identical pictures, or play card games where you have to make pairs.

If you've got a medical appointment, don't forget about it! Sometimes, getting a new appointment date can become a true nightmare.

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