Aries Horoscope Thursday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Thursday, August 6, 2020: Someone new will come into your life

Things that seemed complicated are now a piece of cake


Aries, someone new is coming into your life  and attracting you like a magnet. You can see how being beside them every day would be, because there's certain things that don't really fit you, but seem fascinating anyway. You might be jealous of their success or their physical looks.

You'll have to deal with that impossible romance, because no matter how many moves you make, the other person won't pay too much attention to you.

As far as couples go, you might get slightly jealous. You won't find it too easy to deal with that your partner gets more looks and attention than you do, and in a way, you'll want to set some expectations and competition so that the spotlight shines bright over you. Watch these games closely, because you could end up severely wounded.


You can feel that luck is on your side, that things that seemed complicated are now a piece of cake, and you'll top it off by getting rid of some of your insecurities. You'll get back some hopes you had stowed away in a corner, and you'll trust your skills.

You don't need anyone's approval to grow professionally, you'll do things according to an equally divided judgment between your mind and your heart. But, if there's praise along the way, it'll be more than welcome, of course!

Think positively at all times, and only then will you dodge the rocks blocking your path, both the most obvious ones and the tiny ones sneaking into your shoes.

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You feel you haven't seen enough of the world,  and what's more, that the world hasn't seen enough of you either. This Thursday, any excuse is good to get out the house and enjoy the universe, whether it be with friends, your pet or all by yourself!

Take better care of yourself, cut and dye your hair a bold colour, play around with your image. Break the pre-set rules and you'll leave everyone standing in awe.