Aries Tuesday on a sky background with shooting stars

Aries Horoscope - Tuesday, April 6, 2021: Take a step back to gain some momentum

You need to run a thorough analysis of the shared situation


Aries, you can feel a gap opening up between you and your partner, as if a wall was cutting into your communication. You need to run a thorough analysis of the shared situation to find what's bothering both of you and get it out and away for good.

If needed, you should take a step back together to gain momentum and jump over that gap to reconnect your hearts to one another.

If you're single, you'll also experience issues when trying to get closer to your beloved. Staying put might be just as comfortable as it is coward. It's best if you put all the cards upon the table and say things according to what your heart feels.

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This Tuesday, you'll call the attention of powerful individuals from your field of expertise, so you should be more strict and disciplined so that they look at you under the best light possible. You never know when you could see a formal proposal coming.

Use this information provided by the stars to work on your professional reputation, including social networks. You shouldn't give bold opinions or share content that might harm religious, cultural or political beliefs.

Be very careful with sly people, because there might be individuals ready to trick you with money when swapping or charging you too much for an item.


The passing of time makes you wiser  (and needless to say, older). You'll use Tuesday as a turning point to examine how you've gradually become more responsible and composed.

Don't get overwhelmed or obsessed with finding a utopic kind of happiness, the one you only find in movies and books.

Be mindful of how you sit down and walk, and if you're lifting weight around (for example, when moving furniture from place to place), remember to bend your knees to avoid getting injured.

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