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Aries Horoscope - Friday, March 5, 2021: You'll keep your career self-esteem high

Your sixth sense will help you sort out any conflict


Aries, you're bringing out your biggest guns to keep your relationship under a shawl of passion. Your sixth sense will help you sort out any conflict at home, and you'll make both your partner and yourself experience new sensations together.

Despite this, the way you see relationships is still quite traditional and you don't like breaking the pre-set rules. However, there's plenty of intense things out there to savour before it's too late.

If you're single, you see romance like a game. You'll try hard to win the heart of your beloved, even if you have to resort to lies, or telling them what they want to hear even if you don't really feel it.

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You've got a special talent at doing business  with relatives, and still keeping it safe career-wise for everyone. It looks like something wildly complex to do, but if both parties involved show enough willingness, everything's a piece of cake.

You're one of the most communicative signs in the wheel today, and you channel your ideas really well. Have a notepad on you to write down any suggestions for improvement; the lightbulb of creativity might light up at the most unexpected moment.

You'll keep your career self-esteem high, and turn down proposals that don't fit your category well, even if they're spearheaded by people whom you fully trust.


It's important that you keep your home well-ventilated and open the windows wide for a few hours every day. That way, you help the air from the house renew, and while at it, take away bad vibrations around.

Some of you might experience discomfort from a mild cold, or the allergies classic to this month. But it won't be too serious, so you can rest assured.

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