Aries Horoscope - Tuesday, January 5, 2021: Boost your romantic communication

All you need is to keep a calmer stance on life


Aries, your schedule is a bit overplanned.  You know how much time you're spending on work, what your meal times will be, or when you'll run into the gym to get in proper shape for the day.

Now, take a second to think and answer honestly: do you know how much time do you spend on making your partner happy every day? This doesn't mean having a meal together while you watch the news, or doing the house chores with one another. This means proper quality time when you share hopes or daily issues with one another.

Sometimes the phone interrupts your communication; you're not listening to what the other person has to say, because your head is ducked down and exclusively focused on social networks (or whatever a far-off friend has to say).

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You've had a shocking start of the month emotionally speaking, and that, of course, eventually seeps into your work performance. You'll constantly feel as if everything is going wrong, and you'll consider finding a ritual to get the bad luck away from you.

All you need is to keep a calmer stance on life; always stepping on the speed pedal and with your nerves running high will only open the door for trouble and misunderstanding with colleagues to come in,.

Here's a tip on finances: don't ask around for help unless you really need it. Otherwise, the day you actually need assistance because you're up to your neck in trouble, there won't be anyone around to help.


At a first glance, you'll have a calm Tuesday health-wise, and there'll only be minor foot ailments, so you should try to aim for comfortable, strong shoes.

Watch your reflexes closely because they won't do too well, and double your attention if you're taking the wheel on the driver's seat.

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