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Aries Horoscope - Friday, February 5, 2021: You'll forgive your own latest mistakes

You're placing your hopes on solid romantic stories


Aries, you're finally seeing change  coming to your life, which you'd been expecting for a while (and which had somehow been promised to you). You'll pour all trauma out of your heart, and will trust love as the feeling that makes the world move and go around.

If you're single, you're placing your hopes on solid romantic stories. You've learned that being shallow doesn't bring any joy home, and that beauty is found within, not on the external looks of people.

As far as married couples go, politeness and understanding will be the norm. Today's a great day to make relevant decisions, especially if they concern children's upbringing.

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You've got a great sense of indulgence,  and not just to other people: you'll forgive some of your own mistakes that you made not long ago, which still have consequences at work. Mistakes won't haunt you any longer.

You'll know how to use every hour this Friday to get good goals going, as well as repairing some of your own slips. You're taking on the lessons that life is teaching you with an overall perspective included, and you won't take one single step back, not even for momentum.

Financial issues won't sort themselves out by requesting loans or financial credits, but getting down to do work and finding new jobs, even if they're short-term, to get more money in the bank.


In order to be mentally healthy in the present, you should work out your past issues and forgive your own mistakes. The stars are sending a message that's quite similar to the one described at work. Channel your potential and watch your present keeping your past in mind.

You can tidy up every corner of your mind. And here's some advice: if you want to express your issues into words, talk to a friend, let out all your sorrows in one go, and move on from it. Don't dwell on drama, because if you do, that'll be a real waste of time.

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