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Aries Horoscope - Saturday, December 5, 2020: You need emotional stability and safety

You'll surprise yourself with your most romantic side


Aries, you're ready to top off your week at a high note and take a deep, happy breath. Venus will help out in creating the proper romantic mood this Saturday, where smooth will be the keyword of the day.

You'll surprise yourself with your most romantic side. You're filled with little things that will win your partner over, and will take you both to cloud nine. The longer your relationship is, the more intense it will get.

If you're single, you've got a strong desire for emotional stability and safety. If you want to find your match, you'll need to get your game face on and say yes to the rules of the love game.

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You'll be pretty lucky career-wise,  because you'll have a nearly perfect talent at finding out what's the right path to make enough money.

By paying attention to details and keeping up an active listening skill, you'll find out who needs help, and how you could create a business that offers an answer to that sort of demand.

On the other hand, you'll be really whimsical, especially when it comes to fashion and luxury items, something you could even call love at first sight. And if you let yourself be taken away by temptation, your account could be left out in the cold.


The week's coming to a nice close with a proper health check on your part.  Avoid abusing sugary foods, not just because that has a strong influence over diabetes, but because it creates cholesterol as well. Be especially wary with soft drinks, which have levels of sugar you couldn't even fathom.

Your skin will be quite sensitive, so be careful when using fabrics that make you itchy, and using new make-up products. Before applying them generously, make sure you aren't allergic or get rashes from them.

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