Aries Horoscope Sunday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Sunday, October 4, 2020: You'll have a special kind of sensitivity

You'll start to see the world under a different light


Aries, your standpoint on love and stability will take a radical and puzzling turn. You'll start to see the world under a different light, which doesn't necessarily mean it will be any better or worse than the current one.

If you define yourself like a consummate bachelor or bachelorette, you'll have a strong determination to find steadiness in love; you're even daydreaming about having kids and growing your own family. And you were so different just yesterday!

For those of you living with your partner, the skies reveal there's a great effort on your part to stay up to par with your partner. It looks like you're following separate parallel paths, but you'll manage to make them come together into one.


Managing family finances has never been an issue for you, as long as you aren't asked to explain yourself. In that sense, today you might have a bit of a pickle on that.

Your kids (or even your parents) won't be happy about installing a money-saving program. They'll spend their cash freely and carelessly, and will then ask why there isn't as much money as they'd like there to be.

If you deem it appropriate, have someone else carry out that budgeting duty, but then, they should tell you the truth on one question: would they do it better than you do?

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Those of you with a special kind of sensitivity will take other people's issues as your own. You'll easily slip into other people's shoes.

In order for your mood and wellness not to decrease and go blue, offer as much of your support as you want to whoever needs it, but only to a certain extent.

And it will be good for you to go to bed early; you're in for a pretty harsh week ahead and you need full energy. And if you go to bed late, make it so that you're actually doing something you need, not just having a laugh.

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