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Aries Horoscope - Thursday, March 4, 2021: You'll set your eyes on rule-breakers

Win the hearts of people with flamboyant personalities


Aries, you're kind of clumsy with explanations.  Your partner will feel like following an investigative trail today, and they'll ask you a lot of questions. Even if there's nothing you should hide, you'll get nervous, and you're risking wasting a lot of energy into trying to overcome obstacles.

Thus, if you're in a relationship at the moment, however long you spend together could be quite an intense time, and you'll take frequent looks into your watch waiting for nightfall to come. You'll analyse how much (or little) satisfaction your married life has brought you.

And if you're single, you'll play around and win the hearts of people with flamboyant personalities. You'll set your eyes onto unique, peculiar individuals that others would label as eccentric. You feel like breaking rules and established expectations.

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You'll know what to do around work  by following your own instinct. With enough effort and drive you could reach some ambitious heights, and close off for good some affairs which might become serious trouble in the future if they're not dealt with swiftly enough.

International business will be a little more complex, however; you won't reach a point of understanding with your interlocutors, and you'll think about improving your language skills to make more money in the future.

Whims will take the wheel today, so money could feel like a mountain of hot coals on your hands. You'll have to measure yourself with finances because the month is just getting started and it could feel really long.


Your body and mind are balanced,  and you'll lose some of your illness-based fears, no matter how complicated things are getting out there.

Watch external agents around you if you've got certain allergies because if you don't keep a close eye on that matter you could experience a nasty surprise. Particularly speaking, in terms of diet, cross-contamination is an invisible enemy.

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