Aries Horoscope Saturday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Saturday, July 4, 2020: You'll follow your own set path

You'll have a bit of an easier time at rearranging your feelings and future projects


There'll be more inner journeys happening today,  so there's no need to pack your bags, Aries! You'll have a bit of an easier time at rearranging your feelings and future projects. You'll be clearly aware of what you want from a relationship.

In the same way, you'll see that there are things you don't like about it now, and you'll have to sharpen your wits to get them fixed. You'll go on a slow yet steady journey in pursuit of a new direction in your life.

If you're single, you'll follow your own set path and boost your personality. You've often thought that no one cared about your opinion, but now you realise you were wrong. You're the star of the movie of your life, and everyone's going to hear your voice.


Are you fortunate enough to spend this Saturday off work, Aries? Then, make that disconnection complete. Turn off your phone, forget about your e-mail and focus on enjoying yourself.

And if you have to do work, just so you know, you're in for a pretty light day. You'll ignore any trouble brewing around you, and with a healthy dose of selfishness, you'll focus on those tasks that exclusively concern you. You'll follow no other rule but to make sure everyone pulls their own weight around.


Mercury will have a hurtful influence over your well-being, and that's why today you'll feel pretty tired even if you had a long, soothing sleep last night.

Some of your daily chores will turn out to be especially tough, and you'll have to ask for help to get them done. Be particularly careful if you have to move around heavy objects so that you avoid damaging your back.

This exhaustion we're mentioning is temporary at a first glance. If it goes on for too long you should get a blood test at the doctor's. You might be lacking in iron or magnesium.