Aries Horoscope - Monday, January 4, 2021: You still have time to avoid past mistakes

Save a couple minutes every morning to take a closer look at your finances


Aries, an issue as commonplace as dividing the house chores could create some serious conflict at home. Perhaps your partner will complain that you lack commitment,  or you'll be the one asking them to get more involved in handling the house.

Regardless of the circumstances, you'll have to do your best to find a solution to sort it out. The day could get real beautiful, and this mindless issue shouldn't cloud up your sky.

If you've gone through heartbreak as of lately, the temptation to go back to the person who hurt your heart is quite strong. Analyse if past mistakes could repeat themselves; it'll probably be not worth the time to bet on the same moves.

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There's something strange about your business. You think that money's sinking down a small drain and you need to be in full focus to find it. All it takes is a couple minutes every morning to take a closer look at your finances; that will be more than enough.

Some of you will mistrust your least experienced colleagues, but before accusing anyone, make sure you're not the one making that serious mistake.


You'll be disappointed as far as health goes. Perhaps the classic weekend binges haven't allowed you to lose as much weight as you hoped to, and you might even have gained some of it back.

But don't worry; this isn't the time to feel overwhelmed or defeated. You've got a valuable lesson to learn to avoid tripping over the same stone twice.

Your eyesight will be pretty sensitive, and some of you could go through a temporary eye ailment: dryness, an itch...

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