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Aries Horoscope - Friday, December 4, 2020: Keep your gut instincts in check

It's time for you to take off all holds and breathe easy


Aries, fear's calling upon your door as the weekend looms in closer. You feel anxious about thinking that the gorgeous moments you're living out right now are unique and irreplaceable, and you're stepping on the speed to do many beautiful things because you're afraid that there won't be any better chances for it in the future.

Stay calm, because there's no objective evidence around you that could make you think your married bliss could fade. This is nothing more than an idea someone poisonous has gotten into your head.

If you're single, you should control your impulse. Don't let yourself go with your gut instinct or start thinking that you need to woo anyone you snatch around you. You're hiding away repressed emotions, and it's time for you to take off that hold and breathe easy.

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Every day you keep reminding yourself how hard it is to make money, how much work you've got to put in so that you've got a secret stash reserved for emergencies. This Friday, you'll need to fight hard, and giving up won't be an option.

While you're at it, start thinking about your well-being more often, and how much you deserve a break. If you spend part of your savings on your own fun, there's no point in feeling guilty about it (as long as you don't waste it all, of course).

You deserve to get yourself something nice every now and then; not everything's going to revolve around everyone else's well-being, forgetting about your own happiness and your personal wishes.


Make a thorough check of your medicine cabinet and get rid of whatever medications are expired or which aren't at their best (for instance, if they've been left open for a good while). And at the same time, bring to the chemist's (or an NGO) the ones you don't use, because they could be useful for people with little resources.

With that simple move you'll be giving away life and health to those in the most need.

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