Aries Horoscope for Sunday

Aries Horoscope - Sunday, April 4, 2021: Full mutual understanding will take the wheel

You and your partner's hearts will dance to the same tune


Aries, your week ends with a romantic truce,  and that will be crucial to keep the peace in your relationship. You and your partner's hearts will dance to the same tune, and mutual understanding will definitely be present.

If you need to talk to them about something disturbing, go ahead. This is the right time to do so because you'll fully understand one another; there's no perspective that you can't sympathise with if real love lies beyond that.

And if you're single, you can see you've got a lot of work to do until you can make your date fall in love. Throwing in the towel is for scaredy cats, so keep fighting to win their heart until they see you're the perfect match.

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The stars point out that there's going to be some serious tumbling around the office, and there's a completely unprecedented change coming on. A time where conversations will flow free and your managers will take on new challenges.

There's no need for you to be the perfect employee! Just be unique and stay true to yourself, and give your duties a twist that allows you to stand out above the crowd.

The way one of your relatives is handling money will make you all a little crazy, at least until you learn to cope with their peculiar personality (which should be totally respected, on the other hand).


It's time to do what you want and stop putting it all off for later. Some of you might be thinking of a cosmetic surgery touch-up that improves your self-esteem, while others will choose to study a new college degree, or go get your driver's license.

You're learning to appreciate the fact that time goes by, and you want to make the most of every minute. Besides, today you'll carry out activities that make you truly happy, because you're absolutely aware that you're entitled to being the star of your life movie.

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