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Aries Horoscope - Thursday, December 31, 2020: Honesty is always the best policy

Come to terms with what your heart wants to be happy


Aries, throughout the last day of the year, you'll have to carry out extreme caution measures so that love shines brighter than a star. Your partner isn't at their best time, and you're definitely not meant to pour any more fuel into the fire.

Watch your desire for success projection; it's okay if you lower down your guard every once in a while, or if you even show your most vulnerable side.

Honesty will be your best policy if you're single. You should finally come to terms with what your heart wants to be happy, even if it breaks everyone's expectations. You should enjoy 2021 at its fullest from the beginning, without explaining yourself too much.

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The last 12 months have been terribly tough, but try to take a breath of fresh air today and do some reflection on where you're currently standing, and where you'd like to aim your course from tomorrow onwards.

You know that, just because a brand new year is starting, financial issues won't poof away. In that sense, you've got a very realistic perception of life.

In order to welcome the new year, don't just blow it all out, and be measured instead. December 31st is just another day.


You're absolutely aware that  health issues are a universal cause. Neither you nor anyone else is free from the grip of all sorts of illnesses.

Try not to expose yourself to the cold too much, but don't abuse heating devices and other apparel that could dry out your mucus. There'll be some of you with minor skin ailments.

You could bid farewell to 2020 by performing a magic ritual that brings good vibrations to your life, especially as far as health goes. Your sixth sense, in combination with your inner power, will tell you what's the best for you.

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