Aries Horoscope Friday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Friday, October 30, 2020: No more concealing, show your feelings

You'll easily slip into the shoes of the person before you


Aries, feelings will be running deep this last Friday in October, and you'll be able to feel the intense planet transitions looming over your sign.

You'll easily slip into the shoes of the person before you, and you'll know how to deal with their pride, sadness or most gorgeous bliss. You'll be the best at human relationships. And if you're in a romantic one, pay close attention to small things. Gifts, little love notes on the fridge... Anything and everything is truly welcome.

Make good use of that way you connect with the world to open up to the person you secretly love if you're still single. Forget about concealing your true feelings, because the other person will highly appreciate your openness.


Your schedule should allow for a better organisation of your budget, and to tightly follow what you'd already set. Don't deviate from the financial limitations that you'd already established because of a last-minute spree or other small whims.

Being rigorous should be your absolute goal at work, although it won't come out spontaneously. You'll have to double your efforts.

And here's an important twist: being rigorous doesn't mean being tied up in place. You're already well aware that business should be fresh and energetic so that your professional horizons grow under a shawl of harmony.

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Your health will be pretty stable before the weekend comes, and there's even signs of improvement for those of you who've been experiencing pain or had surgery in your arms or legs.

Although you may be concerned about your external looks, the stars are encouraging you to exercise your mind rather than your body.

Try to do some memory or mental agility games, any sort of pastime that allows you to train your focus. If your memory's been going off the rails lately, it could be due to stress.