The Aries sign

Aries Horoscope - Monday, November 30, 2020: You'll stay ahead of competition

You're willing to bid a fond and fun farewell to November


Aries, you're euphoric and ready for fun  as the new week begins. You're willing to bid a fond and fun farewell to November.

That thirst for partying and adventure could make you naughtier than you could afford, and maybe even more than your partner can take. Thus, you should be very careful and avoid making too wild a move. Walls have eyes and ears aiming at you, so get your discretion game going strong.

If you're single, make more cautious moves, and avoid going crazy with someone you barely know. You should be particularly concerned with the consequences of your actions.

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There's an efficient and active day  coming ahead at work, and you'll even stay one step ahead of your most direct competition. Take any chance you can get to stay on top, but avoid boasting talents or skills you don't quite possess.

You've got an intense social life, and you'll have to watch your expenses. There's a harsh December coming on, and Christmas expenses could make you perceive life like an uphill battle where your money flows down the drain.

Before you jump into making large purchases, you might want to get your debts to family and friends sorted out.

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At a first glance, there's good news regarding health. Your optimism levels will be at the highest peak you can think of, so any illness or ailment will move into the backseat, especially if related to your kidneys or blood flow.

There won't be any real issues coming for you, even more so if you take good care of your diet and do some mild exercise.

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