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Aries Horoscope - Tuesday, March 30, 2021: You'll create a feeling of envy

Celebrate your strong and sturdy romance


Aries, on this last Tuesday in March, you and your partner will continue to celebrate your strong and sturdy romance, as if Valentine's Day was still a thing a month and a half later. You know your relationship to be a strong rock, but you're not really aware of the envy you create on many people.

You don't like considering yourself a role model to follow, because you're humble in that sense. However, it should be said that you two look like a perfect couple from the outside, one that knows how to dodge incoming life issues really well.

Things won't be so smooth-sailing if you're single; the person you used to date is no longer answering texts and calls. Dose down on your anger, and be happy to know that there's plenty of fish out there, perhaps with a bit more flavour!

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Someone from a field of expertise where you haven't dipped your toes in a while will ask you to help them out with something.  You might take this as a personal affront, because you've never asked them for favours before in the first place, but you'll be smarter than that and you'll keep quiet.

You'll have a pretty intense concentration factor, and you'll be very quick if your profession is connected to finance, maths or science. Your activity will slow down a little if you're on the artsy side of life, because the muses won't feel like paying you a visit today.


You're keeping your diet on close check  and some of the effects are already visible to people around you. They'll praise your good looks, or maybe your slimmer silhouette too!

You're aware yourself of the changes happening; you can sleep better because your stomach doesn't feel so heavy, and you can feel yourself lighter when carrying out intense activity.

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