Aries Horoscope - Saturday, January 30, 2021: You'll make a good use of your contact network

You'll get secretly hopeful about the arrival of someone new


Aries, this last Saturday could be hard for you as far as the heart goes. You don't have too much overflowing optimism or good mood, and it won't help that your partner or family remind you that the sun will always shine.

The couples that get along poorly will sink deeper into their fall, and if you don't sit down and set a strategy right away, the boat will capsize over the edge. Jealousy will be a partial cause for differences, but none of you will admit to that.

If you're free as a bird, you'll get secretly hopeful about the arrival of someone new into your life. Before making solid plans for the future, see how the other person feels; you might be making up a whole story that doesn't suit reality.

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In order to improve your professional situation, you'll be pulling some strings around your contacts.  Fortunately for you, your contact list has several people that you see as slightly powerful.

But here's a piece of advice: don't abuse your position by being too pushy with certain people, because the door could be shut right on your face for being too annoying. In this life, composure is essential.

There'll be interesting perspectives for you to get richer through quick business. Don't forget that, when accepting to go on a business endeavour, you're also taking on responsibilities that you might not be fully suited to take on.


Physical activity is essential to soothe your nerves down. That excess energy needs to be channeled one way or another.  Have you ever tried out contact sports or martial arts? They could give you what you need.

You keep overthinking your problems, you feel way too special, and that's not healthy either. If you keep trying to have control on your family and work, you'll be wasting your energy.

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