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Aries Horoscope - Sunday, January 3, 2020: Carry out environmentally friendly action

It's time to open your eyes and get into action


Aries, it's time to finally move on if your current love story is making you feel more bitter than sweet. Stop scratching your wounds, it's best to heal them up and keep playing the love game. Why are you dwelling on a recent past you refuse to abandon?

You're sinking in a deep spiral, and you're wasting time when moping around. With all that life is offering you right now, it's time to open your eyes and get into action.

If you're single, learn to lower down your guard; you feel extremely awkward if someone tries to know you more intimately. Enjoy every instant of the ride of life, because sooner than you think, your train will be making its last stop.

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This won't be the best day for you at work. You feel kind of out of place both in love and business.

At least try to make your world a little less polluted and be more open to sustainable products and environmentally friendly action. Use whatever sunlit hours you can get to turn off some of your electric lights, and when getting meals, try to aim for a more eco-friendly diet.

Set your office straight and get it tidy, so that you can find whatever documents you need for the week at close reach.


You're starting to take a closer look at your sex life, and consider there's things that aren't going too well. Perhaps stress is taking its toll in your passion and intimacy hunger.

A healthier life will help fight back this feeling. Just by giving yourself some nice me-time, going on a quick jog or doing some abs' exercises, and pairing it up with a diet filled with fruit and vegetables all over, it'll all improve.

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