Aries Horoscope for Saturday

Aries Horoscope - Saturday, April 3, 2021: Stop keeping yourself from making the best moves

You're learning to see life from every single perspective


Aries, you'll be riding an emotional roller coaster  where there'll be harsh uphill battles and long, fun downhill rides. You definitely won't get bored today!

You're learning to see life from every single perspective, and now you know that not everything is black or white, empty or full glass. This will allow you to leave behind certain marriage life concerns, because they're no different from what any other person in the street might experience.

If you're single, you should be bolder and surprise your date by planning a romantic evening together. Stop keeping yourself from making the best moves and show your real hand.

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You keep questioning your own professional future. There's some dire news on TV about the job market, and it's obvious that you'll get upset at some point. However, you shouldn't lose your classic positive, wonderful attitude.

Be very cautious with those colleagues that encourage you to waste your time (or criticise your company). There's eyes and ears everywhere, and you can't afford making a mistake at this point.

Since the weekend's here, have fun, come in and out the house any time you want, and socialise, but don't burn away your credit card. Sensibility should be your designated driver and stay right on your tracks.


Your throat is your weak point,  and it could be affected by excessive effort if your voice is your main working tool. Try not to talk too much and avoid cold drinks.

If there's any silver lining to your health, your issues with allergies will improve significantly, and you'll channel stress through water sports.

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