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Aries Horoscope - Sunday, November 29, 2020: You'll be crying, but they'll be happy tears

You devote your time to appreciating all the spiritual richness around you


Aries, you could get really sensitive on the last day of the week. You'll cry pretty easily, whether it comes from personal circumstances, or just because you get emotional while watching a beautiful movie!

Tears aren't always connected to tragedy, they could come from happiness as well. You devote your time to appreciating all the spiritual richness around you, and you feel proud of who you are and what you've got.

This Sunday you'll feel truly loved, and if you've gone through a break-up recently, your previous relationship might get patched up together naturally.

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You'll have extra wits under your sleeve to make money through new technologies, especially if you're skilled at computing. Through the net you could make money in several different ways.

There's specialised websites that focus on paid surveys, others that pay money for reading e-mails, or writing reviews and other contents. Do you have this Sunday off? Use it to earn some cash, then!

On the other hand, you should avoid debts; you could get in serious trouble to pay them, and this will get you into a harsh situation on the month of December just about to begin.

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If you're not in too much of a good mood, you'll try to make peace with the universe through food, but those fridge trips have no happy ending in sight, because then the scale will give you an ice-cold reality check. Be very careful.

If you can't sleep after a bustling Sunday, having a soothing herbal tea will help Morpheus come and call upon your door earlier.

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