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Aries Horoscope - Friday, January 29, 2021: You really enjoy being praised and flattered

Your main efforts today will be aimed at flattery


Aries, you've got a powerful ego,  and your main efforts today will be aimed at flattery. You'll try to get as much praise and flattery as you can everywhere you go, sometimes even forcing the situation towards that direction a little bit.

You really enjoy being praised and flattered, and you don't care if you hear those pretty words from your partner with absolute honesty, or if they come from just another stranger who walked by.

Some of you will work hard for your partner to give you more importance and priority than usual. Watch your attitude closely, because you can end up feeling too overwhelming for comfort.

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At work, you'll get told off for a poor result.  Stay alert for your duties, because if you tend to be a mistake collector, you'll end up receiving a formal warning on file.

Remember to call back that friend that's been trying to contact you for the whole of this week; you keep playing a cat and mouse game with one another and never find a good time to talk. They've got privileged information for you, so use it well.

On the other hand, you should start giving serious thought to your much-deserved holiday. Before dreaming about flying to the ends of the Earth, see how much of your country and nearby cities you actually know. Local tourism could be a source for real eye-feasting gold.


You're in good shape and you'll be able to do chores that you'd kept putting off for when you felt better. Well, the time has come to get down to work.

And if you've got to move heavy furniture or items, remember to bend your knees to avoid hurting your back. You don't want to get any injuries, right?

Finally, if you've got some free time under your sleeve, move the house furniture around and refresh your energy. Use your space better and add some potted plants to your home decor, so that they cleanse the air.

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