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Aries Horoscope - Tuesday, December 29, 2020: Don't cry about people undeserving of your love

Your heart's starting to heal after being recently wounded


Aries, you're unsure of how your relationship is doing.  Sometimes you think it's going strong and healthy, but other times you feel like there's an abyss in between the two of you that's hard to leap over.

Use the good influences that today will bring to get closer, especially if jealousy has clouded your thoughts. In the same way, be more responsible about housework or childcare, because sometimes it looks like they're not part of your responsibilities.

And if you're single, your heart's starting to heal after being recently wounded. You'll know how to move on. You're aware that life can fly by, and that you shouldn't waste a single minute crying about someone undeserving of your love.

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You're finally getting your deserved recognition in the company; you're an important pillar that makes the machine work properly. Take advantage of this situation to make people respect you, and ask for a raise or an improvement in your schedule.

You'll know what to say to negotiate, although the answer you're expecting won't come right away. It'll be time to wait a little longer. Remember that it's always best to take on a humble stance than an inquisitive tone.

In any other news, you're in for a pretty standard Tuesday. Use whatever free time you can find to make progress in your individual projects. It'll be a great day if you're studying or preparing academics.


You're expected to be healthy both physically and mentally,  and there's some minor evolution if you've been down with an injury.

You'll reconnect with the inner child you once were, because as surprising as it may sound, they're still alive inside you. Take some time to find a way to make them come out, do activities that made you happy when you were little.

Water-based activities will be quite comforting, and if you can't take a bath in the sea or at the pool, maybe you could have a nice foamy bath surrounded by scented candles.

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