Aries Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Wednesday, October 28, 2020: Stay away from energy vampires

You'll be quite lively and try to pursue money-saving


Aries, your love affairs will be predictable.  Everything will unfold as expected, and you won't need to be the best at improvising.

For those of you living with your partner, your worries and concerns will be quite typical for what daily life entails, such as sharing the house chores. You'll get pretty interested in your kids' lives, and you'll try to help them around in their existential doubts.

On the contrary, if we talk about single natives, this final Wednesday in October will be pretty calm. You won't see the love of your life when crossing the street, but you won't lose drive either if you've just started seeing someone.


Be very careful with surrounding information coming in; you'll walk around with your feet on the speed pedal, and you could mistake some concepts, mixing in black and white.

Don't let your fingers fly faster than your mind if you need to answer to phone messages or confidential e-mails. You might talk too much and reveal what should remain private (or secret).

As far as your personal finances go, you'll be quite lively and try to pursue money-saving at all costs, even seeing new places where you can shop until you drop at a cheaper price than usual.

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As the week reaches its halfway point, you'll try to lead a healthy, balanced life,  without having to brag too much about what you do.

You know your body real well, so you know what's good for you and what should be absolutely avoided altogether.

Run away from people who think about no one but themselves; they'll drain your energy by telling you stories that lead nowhere, and will give you nothing but headaches. There's plenty of energy vampires on the prowl lately, or at least, that's what you think is happening.