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Your Aries Horoscope for November 28th

Your Aries prediction for Monday, November 28th, 2022

Read your Daily Horoscope and see the news behind your sign, Aries. See how the Stars influence you in love, money, work, friendship, and health.


Aries, love will satisfy you plenty today, but you've got to make an effort too. Your thirst for stardom is overwhelming. Pay attention to your partner's needs, what would be a nice surprise for them? Go down the right path, and if you're in love, shout it out loud.

If you're still looking for a special romance, the Stars foresee good chances to find it.

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Aries, the current star transition foresees conflict in the air. In terms of money, run through the storm as fast as you can. Today you'll bump against nasty individuals.

They'll try to find impossible explanations. Don't let them push your drive away. Your motivation is more powerful than their cynicism.

You should take on a winner's attitude. This will open doors for you no matter where you go. The universe rewards the thankful.


Your Horoscope for today predicts a chaotic day, Aries. Professionally speaking, you should take a deep breath and come to terms with it. Many of your workmates will try to grind your gears.

The energy of the recent eclipses is still in the air. It's the time of death and resurrection. Don't sleep around, because more powerful enemies have fallen before.

Get rid of what's superfluous and prepare to defend what's yours. Protect the essence of your work.


In friendship, your charisma is seeping through your skin, Aries. You shed a very special light. You'll be the lighthouse to help your friends find their way home; they shall find a warrior's sleep on your lap.


Aries, breathe in before you end up blowing off. Pay attention to your overall well-being. You're on a journey of self-discovery.

It's normal to get ambushed by doubt now and then. Resort to energy-based therapy or meditation. Balance your high and low points.

It's all part of your evolution. Don't make it an emotional roller coaster.