Aries sunday on a night sky background

Aries Horoscope - Sunday, March 28, 2021: You need to go straight to the point

Your heart wants to be free and do as it pleases


Aries, your partner's right there at all times,  and this might turn out to be quite uncomfortable; today, your heart wants to be free and do as it pleases without having to provide any additional explanations.

Be careful with how you communicate, and be more appreciative of others. Someone's gone and filled your head up with birds, and you think that the sun shines brighter and the grass is greener somewhere else.

If you're a single Aries, you should always go straight to the point with the person you like. Stop waltzing around to show your feelings more openly; just hand away the purity of your soul, and you'll be able to have a shared life. Don't be afraid to give them more of yourself.

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You're starting to think up new challenges and dares around work; you feel a bit too comfortable in your current duty and responsibilities, and you think you're ready to take things one step further.

You should keep in mind that, if you leave your comfort zone behind, you'll see a whole series of new obstacles which you'll only be able to dodge by bringing out your fierce energy from your deepest core.

You know that, in order to get to the top of a mountain, you need to be persistent and not hand your journey away into the hands of fate.


One of your main traits is your great physical endurance,  although it could eventually fade off. You've had a really long week, so you need to take a good break.

Your mind will spin around like crazy, and you'll be alert for any and all concerns, but if you don't stop in your tracks and watch everything from a certain perspective, you won't find a way to sort things out. When going to bed, valerian tea could be a great ally.

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