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Your Daily Aries Horoscope for Monday, June 28

Aries, the submissiveness that used to take over you is gone

❤️ Love

Aries, your need to love and be loved awakens. You want to give yourself away to someone. However, they should give love back, twice as much if possible. You're protecting yourself and your heart's needs.

You'll be firm and confident in your wishes. The submissiveness that used to take over you is gone! You're much more mature and dignified than you thought. And if you're single, you'll know you're awesome and you'll find love for sure.

Newly-formed couples will analyse what their next move should be. Move in together, Aries. Use that experience to find out if you were made for one another; but that doesn't mean you should give in to what you don't want to do.

💰 Money

You'll be stiff and harsh at work, Aries.  You're not there to waste time!  You're meant to make great progress and improve your career. 

You won't tolerate certain comments or negative attitudes from colleagues. You know you're meant to eat the world up and rejoice in that feeling.

In the same way, be more indulgent with some impolite clients.  They're crucial for your business, so don't let them go. Sensitivity runs deep, so you'll have to stay composed with full-blown reactions.

👩‍⚕️ Health

Aries, family and friend visits will be great if you're looking for mental balance. Tell them about your woes and projects!  They'll help you see it all through a new prism.

Drinking water might be crucial for our bodies,  but our society's so busy, we can forget about it sometimes.

Take care of your kidneys and their work cleansing your body. Also, note down your bathroom use frequency, and urine colour, to see everything's fine.

👍 Tip of the day

Herbal brews and soothing teas will be your best friends at dieting

🍀 Lucky numbers

Your lucky numbers for Monday, June 28 are 2, 8, 17 and 26.

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