Aries Horoscope - Thursday, January 28, 2021: Distance won't be an issue

You will get your hopes up with people from different cities or countries


Aries, you're becoming less surly than usual.  Always being right will no longer be a priority to you; you'll see life from a more casual point of view, and you'll be using your charms to make your beloved happy.

For you, distance won't be an issue. Some of you will get your hopes up with people from different cities or countries, and if you're already in a long-distance relationship, you'll start thinking about giving your significant other a lovely surprise.

As far as married couples go, there'll be an environment of fun peace; laughter will come for sure with the most mundane events. You should also keep your passion at bay, because sometimes you feel like giving your partner some love in the most unexpected places.

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You'll be sorry you were reckless with some money you'll need now more than ever. On the other hand, if you've been saving it up and keeping yourself sensible, everything will be smooth sailing.

It's in your hands to improve (just a tad, though) how money comes into your bank account. Stay alert for any grant, bonus or extra governmental payments you can apply for; that might be the key.

You'll be all filled up with energy and entrepreneurship, and some of you will start up a brand-new business in a short time. In the same way, you'll be lucky when buying and selling second-hand items.


Stay moderate with servings and the kind of foods you put on your plate; your digestive issues were improving quite a lot as of lately, so don't ruin the progress with one slip out of place.

Use some of your time to run a deep cleanse around the house, focusing on those areas where you normally don't run the duster. Also, double your efforts when making your kitchen and bathroom cleaner, because those are the rooms where bacteria can pile up the easiest.

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