Aries sunday on a night sky background

Aries Horoscope - Sunday, February 28, 2021: You'll have a smile on your face all day long

You'll have great connection and chemistry ahead for you


Aries, this last Sunday in February seems to have great connection and chemistry ahead for you. You'll enjoy a natural refined sensuality, and an ideal sense of humour. You'll have a smile on your face all day long, because you've grown tired of frowning.

And in case you're single, there could even be a mysterious meet-up in an unusual place. Cupid seems to be everywhere! Two weeks have gone by, and you're still celebrating Valentine's Day deep inside your heart.

If you're in a relationship at the moment, you'll feel like taking the reins of your common project and organising the day's schedule with memorable instances. Your partner will have no other choice but to be open-mouthed all day.

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You'll have a stronger desire to get into action. Planning projects is fine and dandy, but you weren't born to stay still with your arms crossed. Enough daydreaming! It's time to sweat your way through making your dreams a reality.

You'll bring back abandoned business endeavours and try hard to get them to the finish line. By the looks of your skies, results won't take too long to show up.

You'll also restore your hope if you're looking for a job. You're fully convinced that, as next week begins, you'll call the attention of Human Resources staff. Go out and send your CV over to the newest companies, without forgetting to keep looking for job openings online.


You've got plenty of self-love available and refuse to see the passage of time affecting your looks and physical tone. You'll only see how time goes by when you find other people with whom you had some experiences in the past in not a great state.

As the next few days come around, you should consider joining a new sports club to take better care of yourself, or perhaps it might be more interesting to join a healthy cooking class, where you can learn to make low-cal, but high-flavour dishes.

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