The Aries sign

Aries Horoscope - Monday, December 28, 2020: Open your mind to new things

There's a kind of joy inside you when you take care of others


Aries, the skies are in the perfect arrangement for more bliss and calm to come inside your heart. Your married life will revolve around home and routine affairs, you'll take on your chores pretty happily, and you'll even help out your partner in theirs.

There's a special kind of joy inside you when you've got to take care of others, especially if they're people who can't take care of themselves.

Don't think that the stars have abandoned you if you're single: by doing your part you will have fun dates. Bring out your adventurous side, let your intuition guide you on the path that suits you best and open your mind to what's new.

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Making huge amounts of money out of the blue isn't your main concern; greed isn't your chosen deadly sin.

This doesn't mean you're too naive for comfort, of course; you won't let anyone push you off the track you're treading, so you'll double your efforts to keep up your achievements and overcome the goals you set for yourself.

When doing business, feel free to do whatever you want, break the pre-set rules and practise your active listening. If you tell your prospective client what they want to hear, half of your job is already done.


Your occasional health-related misinformation is quite something,  especially when you let yourself be led astray by people with little training and not too much remorse.

Sometimes you even discriminate ill people about that lack of knowledge in topics such as mental health or STDs, just to name a couple. It's time for you to read more and defeat those fears.

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