Aries Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Tuesday, October 27, 2020: Pour rainbows wherever there's grey shades

You want a full fantasy of bliss and partying to happen around you today


Aries, your Monday might have been duller than you'd expected it to, and that's why you want a full fantasy of bliss and partying to happen around you today.

In order to make that happen, find your inner power. Only you will be able to pour rainbows wherever there's grey shades and dull spaces around you.

Stop waiting for the universe to unfold before you to make yourself happy, and do your share of the work. If you can, bring out your best, your most raw essence. Bring out your creativity (because you've got it), and think of ways to make your partner or family happy.

The simpler things are, the more effective they will turn out to be. How about a surprise dinner? Laughter will take the wheel.


Your tongue could be far too quick,  and you might reveal things at work that no one should know. You might think it unimportant, but it's best for you to take on a cautious role.

Oftentimes, ego (or the desire for conversation) plays tricks on you, because you reveal confidential data, or criticise spontaneously the least appropriate person.

If you want to save money, try to choose fresh and seasonal items when going shopping for groceries. It'll be better for your body, and you'll be helping out local financial growth as well!

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Stop thinking there's some miracle cure out there that fits the bill of your medical needs. There's no pills or teas that will make you shed your extra pounds in one go, and they certainly won't take away your pain overnight.

Boost your critical thinking this last Monday of October, and don't let yourself be tricked by bold and extreme commercials.