Aries Horoscope Monday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Monday, July 27, 2020: No need to miss and mope about the past

Some sweet madness and seductive games will also be included in the mix


A brand new week begins, Aries, and there's a slight sad, melancholic tinge  to it. Everything affects you deeply, and you miss the past, when everything seemed so much simpler.

But don't worry, because Venus will be there to comfort you from your daily misery (which sometimes is just a mere exaggeration of an extremely normal situation).

With everything that's been said, it's easy to imagine that relationships won't be perfect, but there will be a steady flair to them, so there's no point in giving up.

To this, you can add a good dose of passion, Aries; some sweet madness and seductive games will also be included in the mix. Remember that if you cry throughout your day, the tears will stop you from seeing the clear blue skies.


For those Aries that work in arts or humanities, this Monday could bring significant change: you could get some unexpected contracts going, or some new contacts that will allow you to just keep growing.

If you've seen your income reduced or you're currently in the midst of that process, you can rest at ease, because there's also a reduction in your expenses coming up.

However, you'll be great at dealing with numbers, you'll manage to change up the budget fees and even increase them at quite an interesting percentage.

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This Monday, you'll rejoice in excellent vitality, at least as far as your current circumstances go. You'll be highly resistant to bacteria, viruses and elements of that sort; there could be colds and flus going on around you, but you'll dodge them.

Be measured if you're on holiday, especially if you're abroad; when we rest and relax, we sometimes eat more than we can or should. Do whatever is in your hands to avoid stomach issues.