Aries Horoscope - Wednesday, January 27, 2021: Be meticulous about your schedule

Look deep inside your heart for a magic path


Aries, today will be a pretty dull, brown day. That's something that gets you in a really foul mood, because you wanted everything to be dyed into shades of bright pink. You're looking deep inside your heart for a magic path to rule over your emotions, although there's not much success to be seen in that area.

At least the stars point out that people around you will let you do your own thing, won't invade your personal space, and won't force you to smile if you don't feel like doing so.

Your partner will be there on the sidelines. Whenever you feel like opening up, they'll be ready to hand over their full support; you just need to ask for it.

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Around work, you'll need to stay humble. There's going to be people challenging you and riling you up so that you act arrogant, but don't fall prey to their tricks. If you brag about being more skilled than you actually are, you'll end up ducking your head down humiliated, looking for help.

You should get interested in being meticulous about your schedule. Don't be late to work or any other appointment you've got written down. In the same way, don't hand out a single extra minute unless there's an explicit request on you to do overtime. Why do that if it's not even going to show up on your paycheck?


You usually put off to the beginning of the month (or Mondays, if we're being optimistic) getting started with new healthy habits in life, such as quitting smoking or taking up a new diet.

Who said that a Wednesday like today can't be as valid? Start tearing down whatever's harmful to you.

Find that great willpower inside your heart, and if you're giving up on smoking or other substances, go all out and avoid bidding a sweet farewell to them by gradually decreasing your intake.

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