Aries Saturday on a night sky background

Aries Horoscope - Saturday, February 27, 2021: You need to get your own personal space

You'll feel tempted to delve into new romantic endeavours


Aries, your romantic life won't be too surprising.  You'll have a cheerful social agenda, filled to the brim with entertainment. Perhaps you might let yourself go more often with what your friends want to do than with your partner's interests, and this could bring some conflict.

You should use conversation more often and let them know that you need to get your own personal space. Living out a relationship doesn't mean you're a duet completely dependent on one another. With a touch of talent (and some right moves) you could refine your relationship patterns.

If you're single, you'll feel tempted to delve into new romantic endeavours. Be bolder, for instance, if an acquaintance sets you up on a blind date with someone they know. Who knows? Perhaps your date could be the soulmate you've been looking for.

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Don't daydream about big projects.  This Saturday, luck won't be on your side, and some of your most basic tasks could fan out into being more tedious than usual. You'll feel highly insecure, revise everything twice, and you won't manage time well.

On the other hand, the skies encourage you to avoid falling behind with bill payments, because otherwise, you'll have to face double charges and fines of all sorts. Doing things out of deadlines is never a good idea.

As a final piece of advice in this area, don't ask friends for minor loans or create tabs in local shops. Your reputation could eventually get tainted.


As has been pointed out previously in the money area, this last Saturday in February could be longer than usual. Hours will seem to be on an endless run, and you'll anxiously peek at your clock too often.

Before going into bed, try to have a nice aromatic bath. It'll help you let stress float away into the water, and soothe down some injuries thanks to the side effect of body warmth.

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